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We're a FULL-SERVICE Financial Intermediary

Financial Intermediation is all about right solutions! Capital InSight Associates offers quick and effective money solutions to the MSMEs, Loan-seekers and Investors.

  • Raise seed/growth Capital
  • Know your Loan Eligibility
  • Reduce Loan Rates by Bank Transfer
  • Estimate and Reduce Forex Costs
  • Invest with Wealth-creators
  • Engage With Us

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We are successful financial partners to people from all walks of life

Fund Raining

Loan Capital (Banks, NBFCs, Digital Funding)
Equity Capital (Investors, Institutions, Funds)
Working Capital (Bank Facilty, Bill Discounting, Factoring)

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Treasury and forex

Demystify Transaction Banking Costs on Forex Remittance (Inward/ Outward)
Enhance Profit Margins
Improve Business Efficiency with better ROI

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Get to know the best investment options
Optimise Risk and Return
Understand Systematic Investment

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Your Prosperity. Our Priority

We always have your security in mind. Rest easy knowing your data is protected with us. Learn more.

Frequently asked questions

Are secured loans better for business?

Secured loans come at a cheaper cost as compared to unsecured, and have lower processing fees. Many business owners keep their property/ equipment and go for an unsecured loan with higher costs and shorter duration, which is avoidable.

Your loan eligibility is arrived at based primarily on your income, business vintage, and the current financial obligations you have. A higher credit score would ensure you a lower interest rate, but a significantly lower credit score could stop the lender from giving you the loan.

Currently unsecured business loans have rates of interest (RoI) trending upwards of 14% pa. Professionals, however could get unsecured loans to enhance their practice at rates lower than this.

Forex transactions are done according to inter-bank rates (IBR) which is not accessible by normal means. The rates charged to customers are mostly a margin over the mid/avg rate for the day. Since it is virtually impossible for the customer to figure out the exact rate at which the transaction was executed, the actual cost remains a mystery.

On an average, a net saving of 5% to 8% can be made if you outsource your forex transaction banking to a treasury expert with access to live inter-bank rates and strong banker relationships.

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